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Max Damage - Best Space Themed Casino Game

Max Damage Online Slot Arcade Game

Players from Australia who access online casinos will often be looking for great pokie machines to enjoy. There are a number of these games offered and one game that is similar to a pokie is Max Damage. This online cash game is created by Microgaming and offers players a great game that is full of features for maximum payouts. The game offers a science fiction theme and some outstanding graphics and animations. The game is the first arcade style game from Microgaming but it is not classified as a vide pokie.

Unlike traditional pokie machines found in online casinos, Max Damage does not use any paylines and there are no definitely combinations of winning symbols. There are 9 different levels that can be enjoyed and each level will offer boosters and upgrades that can increase payouts. The maximum payout for the game is 110,000 coins and there are many ways to generate some stunning rewards.

To play Max Damage, players will use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the ship on the screen. The goal is to shoot down alien ships using the space bar to fire shots. By collecting boosters in each level, players will increase shield protection, reduce damage to their ship and increase life. There are also weapon upgrades that will help to improve firepower and destroy more alien attackers.

This game, like pokie machines, will offer players the chance to bet different amounts. The coin sizes that are supported range from $0.01 to $2 and the maximum bet will be 200 coins. This is a great game for mid and high rollers, but it is also enjoyed by those that like to place penny antes.

The game has a unique free feature that is triggered when players fire at the Nuke, Blockade, Free Missles logo, Laser Booster symbol or the Wormhole. When this happens, every ship on the screen is automatically destroyed and players can collect as many as 40,000 coins during the feature.

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